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Pastor and Elder RhodenPastor Antionette Rhoden was born in Kingston Jamaica, the daughter of Beresford and Allison Barnes. The Barnes were a people of God. The home they provided was a Christian environment. Pastor Rhoden was grounded in the word at a tender age, and at the age of 13, she was invited to a Billy Graham crusade, and gave her life to the Lord. She was an active member in the church for a few years.

Later in her teenage years, Pastor Rhoden strayed from her Christian roots, but her parents, being the devoted Christians, continued to pray for her. Pastor Rhoden attended Wolmers High School for girls, and after she graduated, she was employed with the Jamaican Defense Forces Office, as an accountant trainee. She remained there for a year.
A great opportunity came in Pastor Rhoden’s life, she was able to travel to London England to continue her education as a nurse. Being on her own, at the age of 19 years old, she was fascinated with her new world, and she enjoyed going to the clubs, drinking and even smoking.   

She departed from the Christian values her Mon and Dad taught her at a young age.  Her parents never forgot to pray, they had her in their prayers every day. As the years went by Pastor Rhoden met and fell in love with Llewelyn Rhoden, they got married, although he was not a Christian, God used him to make a change in Pastor Rhoden’s lifestyle. He was the calm during the storm of her life, and he became the anchor and instilled the values into the family.


 Her Testimony Pastor_Antionnette and Elder Rhoden


I know God has a plan in my life, and my children’s life. Because in every step of the way, the Devil tried to destroy my children, but I know that God has already given me the victory. After the birth of my daughter Allison, I was in the hospital for three weeks, and the doctors said I was at death’s door. I made a commitment to God after that experience, and I told God I will serve him for the rest of my life. God answered my prayer and I was released the next day. I got better, and forgot my promise to God; I went on with my old lifestyle.

I became pregnant again with my second child, LLewlyn Jr., I was in and out of the hospital with hypertension, and I still did not take heed to my ways. I became pregnant again, with my third child Dave, and Llewlyn Jr, 3 years old at that time, became extremely jealous. The birth of Dave, really affected him, he became a toddler again, he stopped walking, talking or doing the activities of a 3 year old child.

I also realized there is now a problem with Dave, I was so caught up with my problems, and I did not remember the promise I made to God. I brought Dave to the Doctor, and they did not know what was wrong with him, and I once again cried out to God.

God, is a God of mercy and forgiveness, he answered me. I made another covenant with God, I was told to rededicate my life, and to stop smoking, which was 31 years ago. I have never looked back, and I have not regretted it.  I came to see the miracle in the lives of my family, and Llewlyn Jr became a normal child again, and Dave started walking and doing most activities that was normal for his age group.

The enemy tried to attack Llewyn Jr., and Allison, but with my covenant with God, I did not let this happen, I went on a 10 days fast and God healed Llewyn Jr.  Allison had a problem with abdominal pains, diarrhea, vomiting, and headaches. The doctors stated it was abdominal migraine. We prayed and anointed her with oil, and praise God, he healed her.  God has been faithful, the enemy tries to attack myself, and all my children, but thanks to God, we all came through. My children are a living testimony of God’s healing power, protection, and guidance.

God is real, and he is still in the healing business, and he is still bringing deliverance. Wherever I go, I will tell everyone about his goodness, and I will share his healing power, and that he brings deliverance. I know, in his time, he will fulfill the destiny and plan he has for my three children. He is a faithful God, and I want to give him all the glory, the praise, and the honor.


That was the major turning point in her life. God inspired her to relocate to the United States, where she was ordained by her Bishop from England, and she then started Word of Faith Healing Ministry formerly Latterrain Outreach Ministry.  

The Lord has blessed her throughout the years. She has been a tool of God with her work of bringing the gospel through the world. Pastor Rhoden has a great compassion for the sick, disabled and needy. Her greatest joy to see individuals set free from the bondage of satan and sin. 

Because of the Christian lifestyle Pastor Rhoden  lives, her husband, children and grandchildren are influenced and also live a Christian lifestyle.  Pastor Rhoden balances her life and ministry as a dedicated wife to Llewlyn  and mother to , Allison, Llewelyn Jr.  and Dave.   


God Bless You



healing school script

In the bible, Acts 19 verses 11 & 12 say
"How God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul." "So that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them and the evil spirit went out of them"

I attended a meeting at Pastor Rhoden's conference God gave her a word of the medical condition that I had. I went forward and she laid hands on me and I am reporting victory of my healing since Pastor Rhoden prayed for me  in the mighty name of Jesus.
Lorna, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


No More Pain!

After much suffering with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), I didn't know where to turn. I came to church and Pastor Rhoden saw I was in a terrible pain. She laid hands on me and prayed and by the time the service ended, I felt much better. The pain had subsided and I have not had a reoccurrence.

R. Bruno, Fort Lauderdale, FL


My daughter was born with a heart murmur and also one of her artery was smaller than the other. She was being seen by a heart specialist, and she was also brought to Pastor Rhoden who prayed for her.

After the prayer her heart became normal. She was then discharged from her physician's primary care permanently. She is now 9 years old, and only visit the Doctor for regular shots and basic check up.
Karena 9 years old, daughter of Donneth Ft. Lauderdale, FL


My sister passed month ago, I was angry and depressed. Pastor Rhoden prayed for peace, and God has given me not only peace but patience.
Vernica, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


On January 27, 2007 I came to the healing ministry. Pastor Antionette Rhoden prayed for me, and the Lord is making a change in my life. No more depression, fear, or shyness. I thank the Lord for healing of my mind, body and soul.

I know the Lord Jesus Christ is merciful to all who believe in him. Thank God for Pastor Antionette Rhoden and for the Word of Faith Healing Ministry.
Sister Betty Singletary, Miami FL


Come and join us at healing school, you too will have a testimony. Bring a friend of loved one they will be healed or blessed.



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